May this Epic Win not be a New Pin

So, the historical crossroad has put the USA to a quality new way of development – the way it will follow its leader during 4 years, the leader whose name was not so sound in the political world at least. Republican candidate Donald Trump won the elections with 276 votes out of 270 required (his main opponent Hillary Clinton has got only 218 votes) and will be inaugurated 20th of January.

Lincoln and Nixon ghosts are dancing in the air, new talks about middle class deliberation from the globalist supranational elite and “Washington machine” started to spread around the world. As it was predicted by the majority of economical experts, dollar edges are lowering alongside with world demand on oil. Donald Trumps’ antagonists joined marches in several American cities. There are protest marches in Oakland, Los-Angeles, Portland and New York. Global exchange and currency markets were in fever due to the uncertainty throughout presidential 2016. As a result, everything went relatively calm for them and situation may be called as quite stable.

However, it was said that global changes won’t occur no matter what result these presidential elections bring, the world doesn’t seem to be really ready for Donald Trump as a president. New relations are required to be established between Middle Eastern countries, the EU countries and new presidential administration. What is funny is that many European political figures who were unflattering towards Trump during election campaign in their speeches were quick to clear their social networks and claims in “free” media.

One of the most tricky questions is the one about the NATO missions and war operations in the Middle East funding. Donald Trump was consistent in his intentions to fund the American population needs instead of the European interests. And, it will definitely be reflected on the Syrian conflict due to the well-known fact about good relationships between Clintons and Saudi Arabia. Though, accusations in being well funded by the Saudis against presidential Hillary’s campaign were not confirmed. It is still evident that they were quite generous towards Clinton’s charity funds. It is an open question to what extend the charity and family funds are close to each other in regards to Clintons but what is for sure is that Saudi Arabia interests in geopolitics will be reconsidered with Trump being a president of the US. He is now not only a key figure who influences financial flows of his country but the main leader of the entire Western hemisphere.

Redistribution of powers involved in the Middle Eastern conflict will be dictated by the changes in war funding and radical changes in the US foreign policy which will definitely be applied to the whole world. This is not a bad news for the Syrian refugees who gradually started to come back to the freed cities. If Hillary Clinton’s intention to create an unmanned zone under Syria could possible lead to the WWI than Trump’s leadership gives a hope to have a sane dialogue and to decrease the conflict not only in the Middle East but in the Ukraine as well (because of the demand to meet all Minsk’s agreements to the full and not be so sure in armaments’ supply). Trump has claimed that time to unite and have constructive global dialogue instead of dictating has come to the place which only supports his vision of prosperous American state in tandem with world powers, not in confrontation with them.

 Regardless of forecasted difficulties in the trade field between China and Russia, large-scale macroeconomic changes will naturally open new options  in collaboration models the profit of which won’t be ignored by Trump who is such a great businessman. Real opportunity for constructive negotiations between the US and Russia with decreasing confrontation of two great world powers will most likely be effectively used by both leaders as far as it was claimed many times. Free trade may be limited because of the increased resources output inside the US. On the other hand, fundamental climate, economic and technological changes are not neglected anymore and it seems that the world community is largely tired from wars, hunger,  uneven resources distribution between people. More and more people are getting together in order to implement different projects and future society models where mentioned above things are not going to have solid grounds.

Trump, in turn, has shown with his victory that even the most powerful system of control and power is losing its force in front of the instinct of self-preservation realized by enlightened and educated humanity.

In conclusion, let’s look at one small but quite talking fact. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has bought festive fireworks beforehand being sure in her victory. It was planned to let it off in New York straight after election results are discovered. However, as one of the firemen in charge rightfully said, – now she can sell it with 50% off to Trump as his staff is also in New York.

Author: Stepan Tatyanin

Translation: Vita Mour


  1. Donald Trump in the oval office may bring a mixed bag of events, good and bad. The old movie, ” Back To The future” did get two predictions correct, The Chicago cubs won the world series in baseball, and Donald Trump has become President of the United states.

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