11/9 – Trump wins 2016 Elections 9/11 – 15 years ago New World Order became possible

On 9/11 it has become known that 70-years old Donald Trump was elected as the 45th US president. 20th of January 2017 inauguration will take place. Businessman and investor with billions dollars promised to his motherland to provide it with more certain times and to regain its greatness.

When he was in Minnesota his accent was on that current political system is fully corrupted and if the Americans want to run their own country than the only choice they’ve got is to vote for a person like him only whether Clinton politics will make it only worse. The constitutional crisis will occur if Clinton wins, Trump claimed in Nevada. In North Carolina he spoke about positive vision of the US and a restoration of the government and promised to rebuild military forces.

Terrifying terror acts in 2001 have significantly influenced the principles of  the US foreign policy and opened up the doors to the “New World Order”.

Terrifying terror acts in 2001 have significantly influenced the principles of  the US foreign policy and opened up the doors to the “New World Order”.

After 15 years passed we can highlight the following changes just to mention several of them:

  • Shattered boundaries between war and peace
  • Global war on terror
  • Reassessment of freedom and security
  • New understanding and attitude towards Islam
  • New level of security on air vessels
  • Strengthening of nationalistic tendencies around the Globe
  • ISIS appearance whose members call themselves freedom fighters
  • Unprecedented refugee’s waves
  • Broadened powers given to law-enforcement authorities
  • Cyber security changes on different levels

Doctrine brought to the public by George Bush back in 1990 year came into place 11 years later but was changed due to the inability of the UN to provide the world with peaceful coexistence and some states’ confusion over newly appeared forces, players and coalitions on the international arena.

This play up numbers – 9/11 and 11/9 is it a coincidence? Only time will show it but it is a fact that great changes are coming soon.

So what do we know about Trump’s campaign line during the 2016 presidential in the US in general terms as far as his claims were quite inconsistent?

  • To banish about 11 million immigrants without appropriate documents
  • Make more sound penalties for the ones who overstay their visas’ terms
  • To make it impossible for Muslim citizens to migrate in the US
  • To prohibit migration for people from the states considered to be terroristic pillar
  • Send some US troops to destroy ISIS and not to forget about oil fields
  • To use IT technologies as far as terrorists “win us in our own game”
  • Not to use nuclear weapon first
  • Not to raise minimal wage in order to avoid jobs escape to China
  • To raise minimal wage till 10$ per hour through country economic growth
  • Taxes policies are completely not clear as far as they’ve theoretically been changed too often
  • More guns – better though more guns free zones should be created
  • Global climate change is a fact but it is not man-made thing
  • Political donations are permitted if they favour Trump but
  • Not to break international laws and not to make other countries to do so but a lot of them should be changed
  • Not to close boundaries completely but not to let Syrian refugees either
  • To renegotiate nuclear issues with Iran though there’s a certainty in Iran being a sponsor for terrorists
  • To repeal Obamacare with no one knows what though.

Presidentials were taugh and got an attention from all over the world. It seems that the majority of Russians supported Trump candidature, Italian people cleary considered him as being insane and here is what one of our British respondent has told us:

“He’s a complete idiot.

  • He thinks global warming is a chinese trick, come on…
  • he said it’s a hoax to make american manufacturing non-competitive, and he has said a LOT of similarly stupid things
  • there’s even some evidence suggesting that maybe he can’t even read
  • he said he will cancel the Paris agreement, where 200 countries agreed not to destroy our planet with climate change
  • he also couldn’t say “no” when asked if he would use nuclear weapons in Europe”

Author and translator from Russian: Vita Mour

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