Magic Roulette

Magic Roulette is a great tool to make a decision process easier.
First 3 decision wheels include:

Simple Decision Roulette

which is quite similar to magic ball also known as magic 8 ball
you may ask why the roulette is better?
because we took a great care of your concentration on the question which means that your intuition already
partly gave you an answer. Try it yourself now!

What to Eat Roulette?

sometimes we feel like having a snack but not really sure what would be the best choice
just spin the wheel and you’ll get an idea what is best for you to eat now
isn’t it great? we are real meal lovers and hope you will especially enjoy this cuisine wheel!

Where to Go for Weekend?

this is the true wizard if you are not quite sure what to do in your leisure time
who knows, maybe this very roulette will bring you to the place where you may
meet your love, useful professional contact or just to the place where you’ll feel really happy.
give it a go and don’t forget to share your stories, we would love to make people happy
and to hear about it!

Sometimes our mind twirls swiftly round and it is not that easy to make a decision.
Magic Roulette is here for you to make right decisions quicker and easier.
And why is it magic? Because we believe it woul do super magic things to make your life better.

We beleive each person is responsible for his/her own destiny and choices but
AskMe Roulette is magic because we put a lot of love in it, a pinch of inspiration,
a lot of time and we will continue to release updates so it can give you the answers
to the whole range of so important questions, would it be love, friendship, career, leisure, fun,
travelling and so much more else.

Your suggestions are also very welcome.

Maybe, you wouldn’t play the Russian one, but who wouldn’t give this roulette a spin?

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