Jail Birds in Retail

Anton Orekh’s remark at the Echo Moskvy

Everybody wonders about Navalny why he is not in prison? He is convicted in this and that and many more. Now he stills forest, now – parcels, then he makes another mess. However, spans are not natural, relative spans in one word. So he happens to be some kind of conventional recidivist. Multiple quasi-prisoner. Such situation perplexes the state as well as far as it can be seen. And this is why it was decided to convict Navalny in retail.

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The real term with prison and correctional camp for several years was considered inappropriate so another one was made up, quite wit way. If it is impossible to imprison man for a year then why not to give him 12 month of arrest. It is basically the same but an effect even more interesting. First case, you serve time and know for sure what you are convicted in and according to which article with precise punishment , and you know when you are out.

The second one with arrests for 10, 15, 30 days nothing is clear. You may be arrested literally whenever one likes! Any day and … what is the most wonderful – for any occasion. For years of Russian democracy thousands of candidates were handing out dozen thousands of leaflets, agitating and calling people upon to vote for them. And no one ever was imprisoned for it. Why is that? Because how it is possible to imprison for distributing leaflets and calling upon candidate’s support! Though, someone reflected, got lost in thought and asked oneself: why, in fact, one cannot imprison for it? Why it is possible to take a person at his apartment block’s entrance and charge in goings-on but it is not allowed for leaflets? So here we go, now we have new processual know-how.

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Volkov, Lyaskin, Navalny – you are welcome! The fascination of this method is in that you don’t even need to do something. Special people will study your activity with close attention and decide which of your actions today will be considered as a crime. And they will chose right moment for their own discretion. Let’s see, for example, your campaign runs with a great success – you gotta be slowed down. And then you are given a rest on a plank bed for couple weeks or a month so you cool down a little bit. And this is ridiculous to discuss concrete arguments and circumstances here.

That’s because there’s an objective to lock a person and causes will be found while the degree of stupidity won’t bother anyone. I tell you for a long time that our people don’t have equal one in human ingenuity. Would this mother wit go to something useful we’d become world champions.

Author – Anton Orekh

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