How can we overcome terrorism?

My suggestion here is to share ideas and comments about the ways of overcoming the dangerous virus called terrorism.

Here are few suggestions and one scenario. If we brainstorm the topic together we will be able to unify the info and make a global project aiming on stoping this terrible thing.

  • Total control. It requires some time and reminds of George Orwell books, so it doesn’t seem to be good idea
  • Get rid of those who profit from terrorism. Seems to be not so real as far as it’s profitable for almost everybody except of those who are being killed. Especially for military forces because they get budget for weaponry and intelligent services, arms’ producers as they arm both sides, politicians for pre-election campaigns (lobbies, financing counter-terrorism programs, etc.)
  • New great worldwide ideology so each person and mind is impregnated with an idea of non-violence. Though, it should be something very wise but siple.
  • Limitation of information flow about commited terrorist attacks. Hardly possible in contemporary world where high-tech technologies let to share it instantly. Why would it help? Arguably, due to the mass media effect.



However, suicide-bombers are not such a big deal if we imagine the following situation:

What if someone decides to form a group of, let’s say, 10 000 people. Show starts from now on

and will go… By such means the whole country may be “entertained” by monthes. Let’s imagine that leader prepares the followers for about 5 years, he teaches them professional warfare using special facilities and they inhabit some small country in a way that there are minimum 2% of such followers in each city (town). They buy hunter licenses or train in a different ways. So they actually look as law-abiding citizens. Then, arms and communication means are brought to some X place and special signal rings as a Hemmingway bell so they arrive to the point and get dispersed throughout cities and start attacks simultaneously.

They destroy police forces throughout the country, bomb hospitals, destroy all infrastructture to put it in one word, after what they start shooting civilians.

What do you reckon the state will do? Would they involve military forces? Are they taught how to fight in the cities with only God kows whom? But these guys (terrorists), they are exactly prepared for such a war. Do you think it will be plausible for the state to use planes and tanks? Wouldn’t it help terrorist to diminish the cities? So just in 1 or 2 week time the quantity of victims will be incredible.

There are a lot of scenarios like this and this is just one amongst them. If cities are going to be destoyed in such ways it would be quite profitable for the ones who sponsor terrorism. Plus, any process will be continued till it brings profit… Make the process not profitable and it will end… To fight profitable process will take infinity.

The question is how to instantly make the terrorism disadvantageous.

Your comments are more than welcome.

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