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Charming and talented Ekaterina Petlitskaya is a creator of exclusive clothes fashion atelier. You can easily order any item your fantasy draws or the thing you like from the catalogue and it will be made  of needed size, colour and material. The great thing about it is that an individual approach lets you stand  out from the crowd and feel awesome about it! Even though this fashion house is situated in Togliatti, the shipping withing Russia is possible. If you order from another country shipping fees will be applied.

So let’s get down to what Lollipop atelier really is!

This is unique designer clothes for stylish wardrobe. Here you can find suitable for you fashion. Clothes is carried out in limited quantity or even in a single exemplar. Be unique! Be lollipop style! The term of fabrication is minimal. Quality is outstanding.

Here are few examples of Ekaterina’s works:

  1. This middle length coat cannot be called modest regardless of straight cut, half-mast shoulders, long lapels and an absence of bright details. It will play  first fiddle in any ensemble. Available for order with just 1,5 weak attendence time. 

2. This is a short straight coat with plated XL pockets will make a great match to simple jeans as well as to elegant dress.

3. This is a really bright and cool vest for gloomy autumn to feel warm and happy.

4. Look at these ultra-fashioned knickers and free style blouse! Light, fresh and amasing! Also available for order.

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