Craft Collection by Igor York

Igor York presented new collection “Awareness” which belongs to the line Fun Craft at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Awareness is roomy and multiplex notion. This collection is not just next designer’s retort but a manifest in its kind. This is an attempt to give answers to the main questions appearing throughout the author’s life and creativity process.

Material from which collection has been created and already has become city style hit is a unique and modern craft (material from recycled cellulose). It’s practical, light and haptic. You can even make it wet and it only becomes better with the time!

Designer stays bound up to his style of elegant simplicity: all bags and backpacks are of concise shape, they are exclusively functional and very handful. Some bags from the new collection have got “gender” features, they became feminine and fine for the “special going out” or so-called fancy bags. Apart from graphic applications and patchwork technique elements, which was a development line of previous collection, new way of visualization appears in “Awareness” (graffiti) inspired by Bansky. York shows his civil position towards the crisis in the country and the whole world. This is an attempt to call for the peace and mutual understanding, for the love and compassion.

It is a call for mutual respect between countries, protest against war and morbid economical dependency on “oil dollar”, against total globalization and insatiable greed for consumption and famous low-quality fast food.

Original artcile

Designer’s web site

Banksy page at arty web site


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