Peace is the way for the World to exist.
All reigions and philosophies are here to make peaceful existence.
CRi$L@M is what is here to represent new religion on this endevaour.
Christianity and Islam never should be in war because they actually do not contradict each other.

Jail Birds in Retail

Anton Orekh’s remark at the Echo Moskvy

Everybody wonders about Navalny why he is not in prison? He is convicted in this and that and many more. Now he stills forest, now – parcels, then he makes another mess. However, spans are not natural, relative spans in one word. So he happens to be some kind of conventional recidivist. Multiple quasi-prisoner. Such situation perplexes the state as well as far as it can be seen. And this is why it was decided to convict Navalny in retail.

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Fatherland Defenders Day 2017

Modern Russia celebrates Fatherland Defenders Day on 23d of February. This Holiday was previously known as the Red Army Day. PeaceDaBall calls everyone upon peace though we have prepared pics set of soldiers from 22 countries around the World. Population and troops data included.

  1. Afghani SoldierPopulation: 32 millions 564 thousands 342 человека. Troops: 14 millions

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Brave Steps Towards WWIII 10 Enemy Commandments in Action.

British diplomat lord Arthur Ponsonby analysed mechanisms of war propaganda being used during WWI though his work “Falsehood in War-time” was published only in 1928. These commandments are relevant now as well, especially when WWIII is led by asymmetrical ways and nobody knows where it will take us… However, many citizens from absolutely different countries are satisfied with their state paradigms imposed by virtue of state interests.

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Background on the war on ISIS

ISIS has its roots in the Sunni/Baathist-dominated Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein(1) which was one of the largest armies in the world before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.(2) After the defeat of the Baathist regime, members of the Baathist party were banned from participating in the army or other government positions.(3) Dispossessed, marginalized, and subjugated under the U.S. occupation and subsequent Shi’ite-dominated Iraqi government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the former Sunni army personnel launched a protracted rebellion, with the insurgents taking on the name “alQaeda in Iraq” and later changing it to the “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI).(4) Read more

Introduction to How the War on ISIS changed IL

In 2014, a militant group calling itself the Islamic State (ISIS)1 rapidly took over more than thirty percent of the territory of Syria and Iraq. In the process, it captured billions of dollars worth of oil fields and refineries, bank assets and antiquities, tanks and armaments, and became one of the greatest threats to peace and security in the Middle East.3 In an effort to “degrade and defeat” ISIS, beginning in August 2014 the United States, assisted by a handful of other Western and Arab countries, launched thousands of bombing sorties and cruise missile attacks against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. Read more

How the War Against ISIS Changed International Law

In an effort to destroy ISIS, beginning in August 2014, the United States, assisted by a handful of other Western and Arab countries, carried out thousands of bombing sorties and cruise missile attacks against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. Iraq had consented to the airstrikes in its territory, but Syria had not, and Russia blocked the UN Security Council from authorizing force against ISIS in Syria. Read more