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Dragonstone (Vocabulary in Use)

For those who’d like to learn Russian English with joy.

Please, enjoy!:)

No wonder, yeah? — Неудивительно, да?
To slaughter Starks — Убить Старков, забить (как скот)
Butcher the woman pregnant with her baby — Покромсать беременную женщину
To cut the throat of the mother of five — Перерезать глотку матери пятерых детей
When one wolf is alive, no one sheep is never safe — Когда хоть один волк жив – все овцы в опасности

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Social-political vocabulary for Russian language learners

Here is a vocabulary list based on translated from The Washington Post article.

In order to master your skills in Russian language

  1. have a look at this list first.
  2. try to read the whole article written in Russian language
  3. Note down other unknown words
  4. now read original article in English
  5. post a comment below this post in Russian language trying to use mentioned above words, share your opinion on a matter with us

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Open & Closed Doors

  • Только с возрастом начинаешь понимать, что не во все закрытые двери надо стучаться, и не во все открытые заходить.


  • Only when you are getting older you realize that you should not knock into all closed doors and you shouldn’t enter all open ones either