Brave Steps Towards WWIII 10 Enemy Commandments in Action.

British diplomat lord Arthur Ponsonby analysed mechanisms of war propaganda being used during WWI though his work “Falsehood in War-time” was published only in 1928. These commandments are relevant now as well, especially when WWIII is led by asymmetrical ways and nobody knows where it will take us… However, many citizens from absolutely different countries are satisfied with their state paradigms imposed by virtue of state interests.

What are these 10 commandments?

  1. We don’t want war

(in a search of external enemy or aggressor)

  1. The enemy bears all the responsibility

(“we” just defend ourselves and implement preventive politics)

  1. We are not waging war against a people, but against an evil leader

(justification of victims among civilians who, surely, suffer the most)

  1. We are fighting for a noble cause, not for material interests

(covering geopolitical interests, struggle for natural resources which consequently turn into economical profit; arms business interests)

  1. The enemy commits atrocities

( provoking an aggression against “villains”, degrading human nature regardless of race and national belonging)

  1. The enemy is using weapons that are not permitted

(so the enemy acts beyond international conventions and allows for using analogical ways of warfare)

  1. Our losses are limited, the enemy’s losses are high

(in order to justify the acts of war and don’t provoke pacifist piquets)

  1. The artists and intellectuals support our cause

(people tend to follow the ones who succeeded and gained popularity)

  1. Every war is a “holly war”
  2. Anyone who calls the propaganda into question is a traitor

Quite familiar, isn’t it? However, these war precepts or principles, if you wish, are actively used by contemporary mass media causing a multicultural clash between civilians who are not in that peaceful mood anymore.

And, even smart people are being hooked that way. Reflection moments could tell that such contradictions cannot represent a real picture but you are not allowed for reflecting. Why is so? Because lie is circulating with a huge speed. Mass moods swing as a pendulum, which gathers more and more revolutions and this, is a great moment to remind you of George Orwell novel “1984”. Popular joke: “I wrote this novel as a f@cking warning, not a manual” is in its place here.

What is the state manual then? Let’s see:

  • Facts’ distortion (don’t you think that there is nothing worse than distorted truth?)
  • Relevant circumstances are concealed
  • Ignorant people’s persuasion in their states’ innocence, cause righteousness and evident enemy’s weakness

States’ governments are well equipped with what lets them easily “instruct” their people.

Eavesdroppers, letter-openers, decoders, phone tappers, spies, propaganda departments, intelligence agencies, press departments and so on. Edward Snowden name is quite appropriate here because you automatically want to seal your laptop camera with plaster. Would it be of any help but? If your position or rhetoric is not to the point of the strong, for example. Apparatus is already on the go and it’s really easy to get under the spinning wheel.

Another fellow traveler of continuous lie and contradictive statements is an atmosphere created by constant flow of the following things:

  • Information about incredible valour and heroism
  • Fantastic physical endurance
  • Cases of inevitable torture and sufferings
  • Unbelievable spirit of comradeship during battles


The question to American citizens is don’t you see similar signs and stories in your facebook feed? What if you are being prepared for the war? If so then who is your enemy? Of course, if someone attacks your country you gotta stand for it but don’t you think that fragile peace is always better than any warship?

Just think about it. These things are not happening just in different countries it happens in your country as well.

Our PeaceDaBall Instagram account was already banned several times on political ground, once it happened just because we wished peaceful skies to Syria. But, this is already completely different story…

Article authour: Vita Mour

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