Beware, vampire!

     At the beginning, I didn’t want to publish this story. I drew a conclusion about my own mistakes but apparently, I can’t keep silent, I want this story to be useful for people around the Globe. I hope it will be of help to some of you.

Learning information about energy vampires after the event, I realized that I dealt with one for more than 3 years. And this one had 2 vampire natures inside her: lunar and mercury types.

  • Lunar (same as infantile)

Behavior of such a person is very childish with pronounced anxiety, unrest and constant fear aiming at a pity of donor. Displayed pity feeds lunar vampire.

Vampire female friend has lived in another city and her vampirism didn’t touch me much. I have many vital forces and I sincerely felt compassion towards her. Though, apparently I got entrapped by my own Ego trying to help her. This girl was complaining literally about everything but I saw a root of problem in her childhood when she was really bullied badly. A bit later her endless narratives and tears about it started making me mad and I was frankly telling her: “It was more than 10 years ago and your drama must be worked out and gone.” I was spending a lot of time with her in conversations, sharing mindful lectures with problem-solving potential through internet, advising her to attend special psychological workshops, sending to her posts with chakras’ activation practices, which were of help to me for creating inner balance. What I can’t understand now is why did I do it all with all my heart while this person absolutely didn’t want to change anything about herself, to create harmony within, solve the problems.

One can see that the flaws in her energy capsule are so big and the channel to outer space is so thin that, knowing how to take energy directly from people, she didn’t want to work on herself and increase her energy level and vital force by using honest ways.

My own Ego, in turn, played a bad tick on myself. I was listening to all this holly crap and crocodile tears and, maybe, it tickled my vanity – knowledge of the subject and “power” to solve problems of others. I reflected seriously afterwards and hope very much that I won’t be tricked anymore by a drama triangle very well described by Karpman.

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This is a trap to avoid in our interactions with others.

Key roles are:




Story line:

Act 1: Victim is looking for a Rescuer whom consequently tries to make responsible for her/his problems, So, if Victim succeeds in it, triangle is formed, trap is slammed.

Act 2: Victim whose problems are not being solved is transforming into a Persecutor and starts  looking for the guilty ones (that life sucks and so on). The guilty one, of course, is the ex Rescuer who now experiences all wrath and cavils from ex Victim.

Act 3: Ex Rescuer who became a Victim now is perplexed how could it come that he/she appeared a scapegoat here.


If you are offered to become a Rescuer, than, most likely it is in order to blame you later on in case of misfortune. Think twice before taking a responsibility for others’ problems.

In regards to vampires, also pay attention at mismatching between words and emotions. An example from my experience with a vampire girl:

  • I briskly tell smth about my success at work and what I hear in response: “Oh, you are awesome. I’m amazed at how active and smart are you, it’s fantastic” but what I see in her eyes is a great sadness accompanied later with smth like: “I’m not like that at all, I’m all fingers and thumbs”.

Many dialogues had such tonality. But, for some reason, I’m like a blind true otter couldn’t see vampirism’s attributes and was trying to inspirit her instead. However, usually it had a weird effect (and this is exactly which should have wake me up): she’d start crying but couldn’t explain how can I help her. This is actually a classic scheme. And I’m angry now. Yes, I’m angry. I realize that my anger may continue feeding her vampire nature   but I can’t get over it currently. Though, I hope I’ll be over it once this article is published. I also opened up 2 chakras to her disposal:

Manipura (is a source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation) and

Anahata (colors our life with compassion, love, and beauty)

She complained a lot about her loneliness and I wanted so much for her to meet her soul mate.

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I understood too late that she didn’t want it all. 98% that she is gay. And this is not a problem to the extent I theoretically not against it but I definitely didn’t and don’t want to be involved in it as far as I’m 1000% straight. The only thing here which you might accept or deny, it’s up to you but I got interesting enough data (and I’ll be happy to know for sure if it’s true or not) that biological gays may be only among males while it is definitely a perversion among females provoked by mental disorder.

Though opened love (anahata) chakra lets you feel love towards everything which surrounds us, doesn’t it? Probably, here is where a misconception hides. Perhaps, gay girls may only suck energy out indeed and this is why they can’t get an energy from natural sources as Earth, Water, Air and Fire? I’ve no clue. This is just what I was told. It is also indicative that my usually self-restrained from  appraisals beloved one told me several times that she has to see a psychiatrist because deviations in behavior are too evident.

Another example is her incredible jealousy towards all my friends of both genders and even reproaches like: “sure, you always have bright talented people around you, not as me”. And what I was supposed to feel? My guilt? I didn’t feel it as I’m proud of my friends but she must have been too much writhing with a sense that her donor may give energy to someone else. Just her own jealous nature and  poor mind (but intricate) would not let her think a simple thought that we exchange energies with friends and don’t unilaterally suck it. (Takes one to know one).

She was also full of hysterics. Once when I moved to the city where my husband lives now and where she lives, we went to the city center. I was in a great mood and nothing seemed to spoil it. This state of things definitely didn’t contribute to her plans, I reckon. She started pointing out at the big quantity of friends around me again. And, it was done with such an undue familiarity that I got very mad. “Get friends as well, – I said. If you can’t communicate go to special master classes. I was a terrible introvert in my childhood but I was forcing myself to participate in theatre plays and working on my speech. I even was afraid of buying smth in shops and was asking to do it for myself my cousins. I made myself for new.” Laziness was born before her and it is easier to take energy out from one at a time as far as I got it. And then, again, childish whimpering, crocodile tears, “I beg you – forgive me” and everything as such.

Remember, your success in any sphere of life is a result of Your Own Merits. Don’t let yourself to feel guilty for others’ failures. Yes, source data is different for everyone and karma problems also differ a lot but if you are drama-free person, then don’t let other people to take advantage of you and put their problems on your shoulders. It means nothing but that they didn’t work on it. And this is not your guilt or concern. If we are talking about your friend and you gave to him or her all tools to overcome smth – you already did everything you could.

Remember? Give person a fish and he/she will be hungry, teach them how to fish and they’ll be fine…

If all person wants is fish, fish, fish – fuck this person. It doesn’t cost your time and efforts.

This mademoiselle tried to break my relations hard as well. She always tried to humiliate my beloved one. I didn’t allow for it but caustic remarks – her hobby-horse and it is done on allegedly plausible pretext. I couldn’t imagine that this “girlfriend” wish me bad to tell you the truth and is not interested in my happiness at all as this mademoiselle is hell selfish.

Text pattern is also a thing which can help you to recognize extremely selfish person. Carry out an experiment if you hesitate in someone around you. In outward appearance person will try to show with all his/her forces that cares about you, other people, maybe even helps sick people and children but if you scan a text and see overwhelming quantity of words like “I”, “me”, “myself”, “mine” and so on – this is a cause to become thoughtful. Don’t look at what is actually written but rather scan a text pattern on a matter of high selfishness.

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Have you ever thought about difference between self-esteem and selfishness?

Person who has self-love would be sincere in his/her love to everything surrounding him. This person doesn’t let to pamper pithiness to himself, constantly busy with self-perfection and definitely knows what he/she wants to.

Person who is selfish doesn’t know real self-love. It makes him/her impotent on its way of loving others. All he/she wants is to get attention and care, egocentric and doesn’t think of others’ interests and problems. Actions of such person directed at people’s getting needy in him/her; he/she even can surround you with presents, get something you need done but only chasing own profit known only to him/her. Such people are always manipulative and rarely show true intentions.

If you watched a movie “Dogville” by Lars fon Trier, you know how many plans of existence are drawn there.  After watching this masterpiece I understood how far did I go in my condescending manner and this is why I’m not afraid of writing the following:

Pass wretched and miserable people by. It is loftily to forgive and understand people who pretend to be victims of circumstances all the time from your high eye view and principles as far as it will become a betrayal of your own ones and you’ll hang a chain around your neck with the hands of such dog fanciers.

Sodom and Gomorra. Allegory of Moses and a bone is matchless. Dogville is burnt. Long live Dogville.

Immortal bastard of human last and desire that don’t know the beauty of a soul.

It is disgusting.  Gnow at your bones but be envious in the flame of scorching heat.

These are pure manipulations. If you want to succeed in life, get rid of such people.

By the way, several times I tried to sever relations with this vampire girl but she was pestering me, calling me through numerous nowadays messengers as crazy. When she was out of control she would start screaming: “I’ll step out of the window now”. You know what is ironic here? This person fears the death and misfortunes for her the most. She likes telling to other people how bad does she feel and that sometimes she feels like committing suicide. But this is not true. This is only for you to feel pity, to give your energy to her. Be careful.

For example, take care of how does person really feel towards something he/she is manipulating with. This girl would not stop telling how threatened she was while in a subway train if it would suddenly stop, if it would be a terrorist act. It means this person is very scarred for her life. And it is very ok to appreciate your own life but then, why manipulate by possibility of own death?

How to guard yourself from a lunar vampire?

  1. Pay attention at signal phrases:
  • You can’t imagine how painful it is when …
  • You don’t know what does it mean to suffer as you never experienced ….
  • I’m so lonely, no one hugs me

(such people are usually lonely because others feel their true nature)

  • It is easy for you to tell …

(don’t let yourself to feel compassion here because it is nothing but envy speaks out)

  1. Learn how to say “no”
  2. Don’t let to break your personal boundaries.

They are different for each person but it is not normal if “friend”

  • Asks into your bed
  • Thinks the objects of personal hygiene shouldn’t be disdained in between you due to “proximity”
  • Interferes in all spheres of your life
  • And so on

I repeat, it is not normal and it is normal if you let know that it is not normal.

Such vampires also try to extensively use haptic contact. Be aware of your body signals.  If such person becomes physically unpleasant to you, make sure this person is out of your life. Our body is wise, listen to it, don’t let yourself to live so long with eyes wide shut.

  1. Track your physical state.

If your health is getting worse, vigor goes down, you feel not peculiar to you drowsiness, you become more apathetic – break off all links and contacts with this person, he/she literally takes out life from you.

  1. Look at your emotional state.

If you started feeling inappropriate to you emotions of anxiety, anger, it means vampire doesn’t just suck you but also throws off his/her negative emotions. Let this person disappear from your horizon and don’t be worry. As soon as you do it, your normal attitude will be back.


My sudden clarification was provoked by pregnancy. It is clear that the most pure energy is concentrated in babies who are open to the whole world. Sometimes I felt troublesome when she’d made a slip in speaking like: “how is my baby” and was stretching her hands to my belly. No, here is where I can’t hold on my emotions. Such an energy scum was trying to get to my little treasure. She also hoped once I’ll go away from my man that we’d move in together. Can you imagine?

When I was researching on the matter of energy vampirism I saw a comment:

“Sorry but hey, have you ever thought about us? Do you understand what does it mean to be energy hungry? I’ll tell you. It means to eat a kilo of barbecue, bread and still stay hungry. No, even worse. It means to be full to sickness but still stay hungry and exhausted even though you didn’t exercise. Ok, advice me an alternative. Well, it is possible to use own energy but you gotta work your nerves up which is not always possible.”

And you know what, I subconsciously felt from time to time that she is a vampire and even called her like that asking her to leave me alone but I didn’t do that till the end. I’d always let her to restore our communication and the comment above is very similar to something that she could write. But here is what I answer:

No, bitch, I refuse to understand. Eat as much as you want in physical plan endlessly complaining at your eating disorder but don’t open your jaws at someone else’s and their children lives. Here is where I wouldn’t let you even to choke. If I’d be aware of what and why you are actually doing I think I wouldn’t restrict myself from causing you physical pain. The question is already not about me but about my future baby. And I’m more protective here than any tigress.

So, my intuitive knowledge already were giving me signs to beware of her ardent desires to pet my belly or come to congratulate me after the birth. I’d tell her that I believe in prejudices and wouldn’t allow her to touch me and that I won’t show my baby to anyway except the father till his or her 6 months or maybe even a year. It didn’t bother her much strictly speaking as a borders of another person private space. She’d always tell something like “and you? You do it like that as well” and always tried to monkey me. Ahh, that’s all crap because she’s not like me at all! And thanks God I’m not like her at all except the fact that we are both humans.

Energy vampires are terrible egoists hiding behind own so called good compassionate personality.

Closer to the story. When we went to another city with her I decided to visit 3 churches in a day where I prayed for the health and happiness of my child. The next day, my magic baby with the God force took care of himself with also God help… Once I came to the city where she also lived I became like a zombie, she started sucking by far too much. So what did she do here in neighboring country we went for 5 days.. She provoked very strong emotions in me and all I asked her to do at this moment is to stay away from me for 15 minutes but she could “smell the food” In the form of strong emotions (the most nutritious fuel to vampires) and didn’t want to go away. I was ready to hit her in the face but in order to avoid it I creamed out: “Fuck you, bitch, get away”. The, either her Ego either the fear made her to say: “Fuck you too” and finally leave me alone. Just in an hour she started calling me again and again and writing crap messages with the old same story. The weather was terrible and for several hours I couldn’t get to the home, I was going rounds and only later I realized that it was a God providence. I got so scared that this cold and emotions would harm my baby inside me that I didn’t let myself to be deceived  by her cheap traps as begging forgiveness and I just didn’t react on it. It was definitely not usual to her coz she liked the same scenarios. You can’t even imagine how transparent everything becomes when person’s mask get ripped of his face. His true face reflects anger, ugliness, selfishness and all it seems to be spread before your eyes.

On my way home, I remembered that my chakras are opened to her and exercised a practice of cutting off the person at energy level. When I did it I felt acute pain in Manipura chakra and did the rest with anahata only later on to not let her drink energy out of my child. And, no wonder, the very next day I’ve stopped feeling toxicosis and apathy, all was gone, I finally started recognizing my own self and my overlapped biofield started shining in 3 weeks or so. People who stopped writing or calling me appeared again, I felt life shine and its wonder with new force.

The thing is that I voluntarily opened up so powerful channels of connection to the Universe that she decided to literally empty me out. Due to the pregnancy and energy expenses destined for new life, I didn’t have enough of it to fill her but her greed didn’t know any boundaries.

So no, enough is enough. 1000 times I was telling her from where life energy comes and how to get it free and in abundance. But her, I believe, deliberate actions are criminal and I’m not a judge here but yes, I with that the Judge will be just and asks from her with all strictness. To drink an energy designed for another creature, little and helpless one it is monstrous.

Another great illustration is a pillow for pregnant women she sew for me with “special care” (I bet black magic spells). I though my back pain is due to the toxicosis and other factors linked to pregnancy but it magically disappeared when I sent such “care” to garbage can. It flew away alongside with nightmares with my beloved one playing main role with the ace in his hands killing people or something even worse.

Let’s go down to another vampire type:

  • Mercury vampire (informative one)

(Such people overwhelm you with empty talks, unnecessary information over the Internet, phone, during personal conversation or everything together)

She’s definitely sucking energy like that as well. These people are also called Chrono fags  or time stealers.

I won’t write much about it in this article but I want you to read a quote by Shri Prakash:

The source of happiness is in the skill to control your mind and inner balance.

Mercury vampires can not control their own mind and are not capable of the most simple concentration. It is difficult to them even to think one though for a minute.

Reflection is minimal If it exists at all. Usually these people are not really smart.

Don’t let to create white noise around you, to babble. Remember, your company influences you. If you have terrible babbles around you try to avoid their company, otherwise you once find yourself incapable of reading a book or it would be complicated for you. It happens because they translate their noises into your brain given close communication. The goal is kind of hypnotic state for more easy way to suck an energy.

I also have to address all energy vampires. Love yourself sincerely and consequently the love to the whole Universe will bring you joy and so pure energy that you’d forget such a dishonest way of getting it as stealing from the others.

Peace to everyone and happiness!

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  1. Вот так, нужно быть осторожным в нашем тонком энергомире, ведь за каждым божьим одуванчиком может скрываться дикий зверь.

    1. Спасибо за комментарий, Анастасия!
      Да, осмотрительность не бывает излишней и как вы точно окрестили подобных людей “божьими одуванчиками”. Мне на ум также приходит метафора змеи под овечьей шкурой.

  2. Какая-то странная статья.. а чем вы, девушка лучше этого самого “вампира”? Я так поняла, этот человек вам был близок, а сейчас вылили столько помоев про него. Вы просто сами обиженны жизнью, раз так поступили.

    1. Осознание в вас самой никогда ничего не меняет?
      Когда-то и австрийский художник был целой нации вождем…

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