What is CЯi$L@M ?

That’s the religion of the 21st century where everything is interconnected and makes sense.

C  – stays for the Sun as far as in Russian language the Sun is Солнце

Я – is I and it literally connects to the next “i”, so both together as a symbol of unity stay for:

live  (where and how I would like to because the Earth is my home)

I     love  (whoever my heart desires, no one can forbid me to love)

choose (my profession, my confession, my way of living)

$     stays for money where it is an energy but financial system is pretty much corrupted so humanity              should do smth about it

L      stays for Love, the notion and feeling which encompass a lot of things, love to our Planet, to                       another human, to the Universe, to animals around.

@     online era we’ve entered not actually so long ago

M     stays for the Moon so not only it’s pretty completed with the Sun and the Moon religion but it                    points out at the huge importance of the night and the day, black and white


Open & Closed Doors

  • Только с возрастом начинаешь понимать, что не во все закрытые двери надо стучаться, и не во все открытые заходить.


  • Only when you are getting older you realize that you should not knock into all closed doors and you shouldn’t enter all open ones either


What if I don’t exist?

Today I came up with the thought that there is no me

I mean “I” does not really exist.

If be more precise, it exists to the extent as the dice does but this dice has got ridiculously big amount of cube faces.
What do I mean by great number is an abundance which you can not register by no means.


The consciousness may appear to be only a set of neuron nets into your head, i.e. noise generator of random numbers, which does its work 24/7. This noise is random and your neuron nets respond to this noise by being activated depending on the activation signal level.

What you think or whish may appear to be nothing but combination of random noise and reaction of your neuron nets on it, where reaction is determined by your previous experience.

I’ve no clue how to link it to the actual theory of neuron nets. It would be good to connect it to wave brains model but it is not ready. A certain Mr. Redozubov makes research but there are still no practical results. Plus, perhaps everything may be much more complicated.

– Maybe more simple?
– Maybe. The problem is that the most simple may be impossibly difficult to find out.

Author: Sergey Guzhev
Picture: Chriss Create and Polina Timofeeva