Jail Birds in Retail

Anton Orekh’s remark at the Echo Moskvy

Everybody wonders about Navalny why he is not in prison? He is convicted in this and that and many more. Now he stills forest, now – parcels, then he makes another mess. However, spans are not natural, relative spans in one word. So he happens to be some kind of conventional recidivist. Multiple quasi-prisoner. Such situation perplexes the state as well as far as it can be seen. And this is why it was decided to convict Navalny in retail.

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Dragonstone (Vocabulary in Use)

For those who’d like to learn Russian English with joy.

Please, enjoy!:)

No wonder, yeah? — Неудивительно, да?
To slaughter Starks — Убить Старков, забить (как скот)
Butcher the woman pregnant with her baby — Покромсать беременную женщину
To cut the throat of the mother of five — Перерезать глотку матери пятерых детей
When one wolf is alive, no one sheep is never safe — Когда хоть один волк жив – все овцы в опасности

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Fatherland Defenders Day 2017

Modern Russia celebrates Fatherland Defenders Day on 23d of February. This Holiday was previously known as the Red Army Day. PeaceDaBall calls everyone upon peace though we have prepared pics set of soldiers from 22 countries around the World. Population and troops data included.

  1. Afghani SoldierPopulation: 32 millions 564 thousands 342 человека. Troops: 14 millions

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‘No gender December’ throws butchers a Barbie

A well-meaning initiative encouraging “gender neutrality” this Christmas could actually be breeding the next generation of serial killers, writes Jack Marx.

There are those who believe the world would become a better place if only men and women were indistinguishable from each other. More men in frocks and more women in wife-beaters would see domestic violence rates drop, glass ceilings shattered, wages at parity and fewer sad widows disembarking the Titanic. That’s the thinking.

Our pursuit of such an idyllic future will involve a few harsh sacrifices, they say — the letting go of some of those gender-stereotypical roles that the brainwashed among us have actually come to enjoy. The good news is change begins in the cradle, so it’s not we who’ll be martyred on the altar of gender neutrality, but our kids.

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May this Epic Win not be a New Pin

So, the historical crossroad has put the USA to a quality new way of development – the way it will follow its leader during 4 years, the leader whose name was not so sound in the political world at least. Republican candidate Donald Trump won the elections with 276 votes out of 270 required (his main opponent Hillary Clinton has got only 218 votes) and will be inaugurated 20th of January.

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