Learn Russian while getting to know the background on the War with ISIS

In order to master your skills in Russian language

  1. Have a look at this list first.
  2. Try to read the whole article written in Russian language
  3. Note down other unknown words
  4. Now read original article in English
  5. Post a comment below this post in Russian language trying to use mentioned above words, share your opinion on a matter with us in orter to pratice your skills

Social-political language (Социально-полититическая лексика)

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Background on the war on ISIS

ISIS has its roots in the Sunni/Baathist-dominated Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein(1) which was one of the largest armies in the world before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.(2) After the defeat of the Baathist regime, members of the Baathist party were banned from participating in the army or other government positions.(3) Dispossessed, marginalized, and subjugated under the U.S. occupation and subsequent Shi’ite-dominated Iraqi government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the former Sunni army personnel launched a protracted rebellion, with the insurgents taking on the name “alQaeda in Iraq” and later changing it to the “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI).(4) Read more