Introduction to How the War on ISIS changed IL

In 2014, a militant group calling itself the Islamic State (ISIS)1 rapidly took over more than thirty percent of the territory of Syria and Iraq. In the process, it captured billions of dollars worth of oil fields and refineries, bank assets and antiquities, tanks and armaments, and became one of the greatest threats to peace and security in the Middle East.3 In an effort to “degrade and defeat” ISIS, beginning in August 2014 the United States, assisted by a handful of other Western and Arab countries, launched thousands of bombing sorties and cruise missile attacks against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. Read more

How the War Against ISIS Changed International Law

In an effort to destroy ISIS, beginning in August 2014, the United States, assisted by a handful of other Western and Arab countries, carried out thousands of bombing sorties and cruise missile attacks against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. Iraq had consented to the airstrikes in its territory, but Syria had not, and Russia blocked the UN Security Council from authorizing force against ISIS in Syria. Read more

Craft Collection by Igor York

Igor York presented new collection “Awareness” which belongs to the line Fun Craft at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Awareness is roomy and multiplex notion. This collection is not just next designer’s retort but a manifest in its kind. This is an attempt to give answers to the main questions appearing throughout the author’s life and creativity process.

Material from which collection has been created and already has become city style hit is a unique and modern craft (material from recycled cellulose). It’s practical, light and haptic. You can even make it wet and it only becomes better with the time!

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Social-political vocabulary for Russian language learners

Here is a vocabulary list based on translated from The Washington Post article.

In order to master your skills in Russian language

  1. have a look at this list first.
  2. try to read the whole article written in Russian language
  3. Note down other unknown words
  4. now read original article in English
  5. post a comment below this post in Russian language trying to use mentioned above words, share your opinion on a matter with us

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