Craft Collection by Igor York

Igor York presented new collection “Awareness” which belongs to the line Fun Craft at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Awareness is roomy and multiplex notion. This collection is not just next designer’s retort but a manifest in its kind. This is an attempt to give answers to the main questions appearing throughout the author’s life and creativity process.

Material from which collection has been created and already has become city style hit is a unique and modern craft (material from recycled cellulose). It’s practical, light and haptic. You can even make it wet and it only becomes better with the time!

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Social-political vocabulary for Russian language learners

Here is a vocabulary list based on translated from The Washington Post article.

In order to master your skills in Russian language

  1. have a look at this list first.
  2. try to read the whole article written in Russian language
  3. Note down other unknown words
  4. now read original article in English
  5. post a comment below this post in Russian language trying to use mentioned above words, share your opinion on a matter with us

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Zakir Naik inspires terror?

I always believed this evangelist Zakir Naik is a hate preacher and he is one of the most influential elements for the spread and rise of religious/sectarian terrorism. He and his medieval hate preaching should be banned. You cannot fight religious terrorism without getting rid of the poisonous messages aired and voiced by the likes of Zakir Naik and funded by the alzeimer stricken King Salman of Saudi Arabia!

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What is CЯi$L@M ?

That’s the religion of the 21st century where everything is interconnected and makes sense.

C  – stays for the Sun as far as in Russian language the Sun is Солнце

Я – is I and it literally connects to the next “i”, so both together as a symbol of unity stay for:

live  (where and how I would like to because the Earth is my home)

I     love  (whoever my heart desires, no one can forbid me to love)

choose (my profession, my confession, my way of living)

$     stays for money where it is an energy but financial system is pretty much corrupted so humanity              should do smth about it

L      stays for Love, the notion and feeling which encompass a lot of things, love to our Planet, to                       another human, to the Universe, to animals around.

@     online era we’ve entered not actually so long ago

M     stays for the Moon so not only it’s pretty completed with the Sun and the Moon religion but it                    points out at the huge importance of the night and the day, black and white